##Getting to know the Detroit Digital Justice (DDJC) Principles This is an activity designed to foster discussion of the DDJC principles.

Number Participants at a Time 5-10

Materials Needed A big sheet of paper Markers Some normal 8x11 paper Pens Printed copies of the DDJC principles

Goals Participants will become familiar with the DDJC principles and brainstorm what looks like to put the DDJC principles into practice, at the individual, community and city/state levels.

Essential Questions What principles guide your life? Why are principles important? What are the DDJC principles? How can we put the DDJC principles into practice (as individuals, as communities and at the level of policy)?

##Learning Sequence

Step 1: Present the large piece of poster paper with the 4 major DDJC principles (Access, Participation, Common Ownership and Healthy Communities); discuss with participants: What principles guide your life? Have them choose one and add it to the poster.

Step 2: Hand out the sheets with detailed DDJC principles; after participants read them, explain how they were formed and ask which ones stand out to them, or that they have questions about, or that resonate with their own principles; discuss.

Step 3: Hand out blank 8.5x11 paper and fold into 4 squares. Have each participant choose one of the DDJC principles and write that principle in the upper left corner. In the upper left corner, ask them to brainstorm ideas for what that principle looks like in practice on an individual level. Then ask everyone to pass their paper to the left. Ask participants to read the previous two squares and in the bottom right square, add their own brainstorm around the question: what would this principle look like in practice at the community level? Ask everyone to pass their papers to the left again and after reading the previous three squares, add their own brainstorm inside the fourth square, answering the question: what does this principle look like in practice at the city/state level? Ask anyone who wants to share their full paper to do so.