##Shared Principles

We can think of Social Justice Principles as roots that ground our collective work in a definition of fairness ensuring everyone has equal economic, political and social opportunities and rights. Digital Justice defines Social Justice in our digital environments.

These activities are designed to help us examine digital justice issues in our communities. You could easily spend 30 minutes on this topic or many days. These activities can be modified based on the size of the group, time available and goals.

Activity 1 can be used as an introductory activity in a workshop or meeting (30 min).

Activity 2 should follow Activity 1 and will help a group discuss the principles in the context of their own community (45 min).

Activity 3 will help communities write their own digital justice principles (all day).

##Activity 1: Discuss Detroit Digital Justice Principles

Goal: This activity can be used to ground a project in principles of social justice, and can be used as an introductory activity in a workshop or meeting.

Estimated Time: 30 minutes


  1. Copies of the Detroit Digital Justice Principles for each person.


  1. Make sure each person has a copy of the principles (or people can share).
  2. Going around the room, each person should read one principal aloud.
  3. After reading each of the principles, does anyone have any questions?
  4. What principles feel important for the community? Were there any new ideas? Was anything missing?
  5. (optional) Would it make sense to use these principles in our community or within our project?

##Activity 2: Digital Justice Principles in Our Community

Goal: Explore what these principles mean in our community.

Estimated Time: 45 minutes


  1. Pieces of paper or Sticky Notes
  2. Pencils or Pens

After completing the previous activity, divide into 4 group. Each group should take one set of principles: Access, Participation, Common Ownership, and Healthy Communities.

For each of the principles in your group, write down one thing that would improve that digital justice issue within your community (15 min). Think about who are the community members most impacted by this issue?

Come back together as a large group to read each of the statements.

What did the statements have in common? Are there 3 or 4 statements that feel most important or urgent?

##Activity 3: Defining Digital Justice Principles.

Goal: Define digital justice principles in your community using a collaborative process.

Activity: COMING SOON!!!!

##Other Resources

There are many, many examples of justice principles across different movements. Below are just a few examples.

Detroit Digital Justice Coalition Principles
The Detroit Digital Justice Coalition used a participatory process to define digital justice principles, related to access, participation, common ownership, and healthy communities.

Feminist Principles of the Internet
The Association for Progressive Communications organized 50 participants from six continents comprising gender and women’s rights activists, LGBTQI movements, internet and technology rights organizations, and human rights advocates and created feminist principles for the Internet.

Popular Technology High Tech Equity Agenda

Media Justice Principles from Media Action Grassroots Network

Reclaim the Media’s Media Justice Resources

Landless Workers’ Movement Principles
http://www.mst.org.br/taxonomy/term/329 (In Portuguese)

Principles of Food Justice from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Detroit Food Justice Coalition Principles

Mariposa Food Justice Principles