Mix and match to make flyers, activities or maps. These images were made by The Work Department and the Open Technology Institute, and are used in the Neighborhood Network Construction Kit. If you use them, please share your work with us. Other icons on this website are from the Noun Project.

assets : Basic-Elements : Buildings

Buildings01: png svg

Buildings02: png svg

Buildings03: svg png

Buildings04: png svg

Buildings05: png svg

Buildings06: svg png

Buildings07: png svg

Buildings08: svg png

Buildings09: svg png

Buildings10: png svg

Buildings11: png

Buildings12: png svg

Buildings13: svg png

Buildings14: png svg

Buildings15: svg png

Buildings16: png svg

Buildings17: png svg

Buildings18: png svg

Buildings19: svg png

Buildings20: png svg

Fences: png svg

Sidewalk: svg png

assets : Basic-Elements : Electronics

Cellphone: svg png

Laptop: svg png

Tablet: svg png

assets : Basic-Elements : Hardware

Cable_tacker_staples: svg png

Concrete_block: png svg

Ethernet_Spools: png svg

Ethernet_shielded: svg png

Hose_clamps: png svg

RJ45_ends: svg png

Screw: png svg

Zip_ties: png svg

assets : Basic-Elements : Outdoors

Trees_1: svg

Trees_2: svg png

Trees_3: svg png

a022: png

assets : Basic-Elements : People

Pair_of_installers: png svg

Person: svg png

assets : Basic-Elements : Routers

ENTAS_router1: svg png

ENTAS_router1_BW: png

ENTAS_router2: svg png

ENTAS_router2_BW: png

ENTAS_router3: png svg

ENTAS_router3_BW: png

ENTAS_router4: svg png

ENTAS_router4_BW: png

Ethernet_switch: png svg

Generic_router: svg png

Home_router1: png svg

Home_router2: svg png

Home_router3: svg

TP-Link_WDR841: svg png

UBNT_Nano: png svg

UBNT_PicoStation: png svg

UBNT_PicoStation_BW: png

UBNT_Rocket: svg png

UBNT_Rocket_w_ant: svg png

UBNT_UniFi_outdoor: png svg

Ubiquiti_NanoStation_Ethernet_ports: png svg

assets : Basic-Elements : Towers-and-Mounts

Chimney_mount: svg png

Eaves_mount_kit: svg png

Metal_mast: svg png

Nonpen_mount1: png svg

Nonpen_mount2: svg png

Rubber_mat: png svg

TV_antenna: svg png

Tower: png svg

Wall_mount_kit: svg png

assets : Basic-Elements : Wireless-Signals

Ear: png

Pattern_focused: png svg

Pattern_omni_high: png svg

Pattern_omni_low: png svg

Pattern_sector: png svg

Wireless_signals_directional: svg png

Wireless_signals_focused: png svg

Wireless_signals_omni: png svg