##Creative Expression in Facilitation When working with a diverse groups of people you should expect a diverse range of ways people give and receive information. Creative expression like writing, collaging, or visualizing goals are great ways to break through various communication differences and allow participants to customize how they participate. Below are a few facilitation processes that use creative expression and build relationships.

###Free Writing

  • Give participants a set amount of time to write about a question or topic. 3 to 5 minutes is a good range of time to work with.
  • Ask participants to write whatever comes to mind without any formal structure or in other words stream of contious writitng.
  • Have participants individually review what they wrote and circle or underline main points or big ideas that came out in their free write. Have participants share the what they circled or underlined with the larger group.


  • Gather a set of magazines or old newspapers for participants to cut up.
  • Ask participants to create a collage with elements they find in magazines or newspapers that represents their ideas about a project or question you are working on. (You can break people up into groups or do this individually)
  • Have participants share their collage and explain what it represents.

###Skits / Mini Plays

  • Divide participants into groups or have them self select into groups of three to four people.
  • Create a prompt, question, or topic for participants to create a short play with.
  • Give participants at least 20- 30mins to create a script and any props they may need.
  • Have each group share their skit.
  • After each one have a conversation about what ideas were presented.